Content is King

It always has been. We just forgot that for a little while, when the internet took the world by storm. We believe in putting content back into your ads and websites and putting it first. More than just rendering pretty pictures, our web design process is as much about substance as it is about art. Our designs are always focused on clarity and ease of use, while conveying your brand message.

Our business is about people. People who are passionate and who driven by a desire to make something happen. We are people who work ON machines, but we work WITH people. And we love it.

Good copy is worth a thousand pictures.

Good copy writing creates a genuine connection with your target audience. We strive to find the ideal tone of voice for our individual clients and their brand. Effective communication is the result of combining relevancy and accuracy towards your target audience and the message you want to convey.

Talking around your customer by using buzzwords, abbreviations and technical jargon is rude and no one gets anything valuable from it. Megabite wants to understand our customer and we want our customer to understand us. Is that really a crazy idea?

Perfect Clan

  • Melissa Homberg
      Melissa HombergGraphic Artist

      I specialize in logo design and offer design services to businesses of all sizes.

    • Ujwol Shrestha
      Ujwol ShresthaWeb Master

      A web designer who focuses on crafting experiences and interfaces to make products easier to use.

    • Adam Slight
      Adam SlightCreative Director

      I am co-owner of Ottawa Rickshaws + Rickshaw Studios, an Ottawa-based rickshaw tourism company, operating out of our downtown print and marketing studio.

      I am a hard-working community-minded business owner that honours traditional business approaches blended with emerging technologies and innovative practices.

    • Darby Nickless
      Darby NicklessCopy writer

      I hold a Masters and Bachelors in English from the University of North Florida.

      I’ve developed a wide range of specialties during my tenure as an undergraduate and graduate student, such as writing, research and editing skills. I use a variety of resources, beginning with definitive research and leading into the composition and rhetoric one comes to expect with well-articulated information. I’ve had invaluable field experience, both in office work and freelance opportunities. I’ve worked with formal content, creating advertisements, proofreading, blog content including social media, research analysis, annual conferences, scholarly journal articles, and much more. I’m a self-starter with a lot of successful group project experience. I’m effective in a team setting and am able to handle deadlines and high expectations.

      Most importantly, I like to have fun with my work and actually am passionate about what I’m producing.

    • Deryck Burnett
      Deryck BurnettTechnologist

      Always look for a better way to do things.